Program Length: 4 weeks during the summer

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Admissions Req: Be at least 16 years old by the program start date
Be a US citizen or permanent resident, students registered with DACA are also eligible
Be a current sophomore or junior in high school at the time of application submission

Highlight: Computer science is a field that has grown tremendously as of recently due to our advancements in technology. It’s mostly self taught unless you’re lucky enough to have a computer science class. Well, Computer Science Scholars is a 4 week computer science program held at Carnegie Mellon University. Students from and who are sophomores or juniors at the time of application and match the eligibility requirements are able to apply to this computer science program; students from various underrepresented populations are especially encouraged to apply! There are housing and travel costs to get to the program, but those can be waived with a scholarship or the fee waiver form. What will you do there? Rising juniors and seniors participate over the summer in this computer science program learning the core elements of Python. Basic data structures, problem solving techniques, and algorithmic components all are taught in greater detail in this computer science program. The way things are taught here are through classroom instruction, hands-on research projects, seminars, and there even seems to be industry engagement with leading tech companies in the country! The computer science program gives an academic evaluation at the conclusion of the program allowing the student to put it on their academic portfolio in order to get recognized for such an achievement. The Computer Science Scholars program is held in person so be sure to clear your schedules to fully engage within this amazing computer science program. Want to apply? I know you do. Apply here and start the beginning of your career!

Financial: Tuition is free for all accepted. There may be travel and room costs, but those may be waived as well.

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