Program Length: 2 days – April 24-25

Location: Virtually at home

Admissions Req: To enter this climate hackathon, students must have teams of 1-5, and be at least 13 years old. Everyone from everywhere is welcome! Submission form due March 28th.

Highlight: With issues like climate change and global warming on the rise, developers need innovative and creative ideas to combat it. Do you have an interesting proposition to combat climate change? If so, why not enter Climate Hacks, a climate hackathon sponsored by Minority Programmers for a chance to win some cool prizes, like cash or a job interview! In this climate hackathon, you will be able to collaborate with up to five peers, join workshops, and gain technical support to help you pitch a creative idea to software developers and other programming professionals. You may even get to network and open the door to better opportunities. To enter this climate hackathon, you need to submit a youtube, vimeo, or yonku video around 5 minutes long pitching your solution to climate change! You will be judged on technicality, practicality, presentation, originality, and creativity! Don’t feel stressed though, this climate hackathon will have some mini-games and workshops, so you can have fun while finding a solution to climate change and other environmental issues. This climate hackathon is completely free, and will be running from April 24th – April 25th (2 days, EARTH DAY WEEKEND!). Start planning now so you can be a part of this climate hackathon, Earthling IT’s!

Financial: …and, ofc…it’s free!

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