Program Length: 9 week (Summer employment program starting end of June) 15 week (summer leadership program starting end of May) 

Location: Various locations in Nova Scotia

Admissions Req: Must be a citizen of Canada between Ages 15-30, returning to school in the fall to qualify for the summer internship. Application and Lists of Projects available March 1st.

Highlight: The Clean Leadership summer internship program offers a huge variety of really interesting and paid local research and community service projects for high school, university, or graduate students — really anyone returning to school after the summer! Get involved with initiatives like introducing sustainable energy solutions or helping out at adventure or indigenous practices children’s camps. Projects as diverse as building a solar powered sustainable oyster water column “farm” made from recycled materials, recovering commercially viable products from mine water treatment plants, or even collecting data around harnessing tidal energy! Shorter 9week and longer 15week program options. To apply to this summer internship , you just need a resume, cover letter, and a letter of reference from an employer, teacher, advisor, or any recognized community member who knows your interests and  great work! Choose 3 positions from the projects listed that you could see yourself in, and list them in order of preference. So get on out there and investigate one of these paid and priceless experiences!

Financial: Paid internships with companies that have sustainable energy or environmental awareness and improvement initiatives

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