Program Length: This program runs for 3 months, beginning in early September and ends mid-November;, requiring about 2 hours per week

Location: Virtual

Admissions Req: Any students around the world in high school! 

Admissions Deadline: End of August

Highlight: Learning is something we should never stop doing. There are just too many benefits to growing your brain past the age of school, and one thing about this fellowship program is that it prioritizes creating leaders. The Civics Unplugged Fellowship program is designed for students who are interested in building more regenerative systems in the U.S. and around the world. During this fellowship program, students will study case studies of the past and present civic innovators to understand systems thinking, change-making skills, and community-based problems. This immersive fellowship program is 3 months long and takes place during the fall, beginning of September to mid-November. Everything is virtual and only two hours of your week is needed. The only admissions requirement is that you are a high school student or in your gap year after high school. Applications are due at the end of August but early decision applications are due at the end of June. It’s free and space is limited, so apply for this amazing fellowship program while you still have the chance. There’s no better way to enhance your knowledge than by engaging with the world around you.

Cost: Free!


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