Program Length: 10 days (two 5-day or four 2-day sessions)

Location: CDC headquarters, Atlanta, Georgia

Admissions Req: Sophomores or juniors eligible with recommendations from teachers/counselors.           Note – applicants MUST  be at least 16 years by the first day of this disease detective camp.

Highlight: Do you have a passion to learn about the study of diseases, emergency responses during outbreaks, and public health law? Take a look at this FREE disease detective camp offered by the CDC itself! Located at the CDC headquarters, this summer disease detective camp immerses students in the diverse field of public health. Topics vary each year in this disease detective camp to reflect current affairs in the world. These include public health interventions and laws, disease surveillance, emergency preparedness, environmental health, data analyses, and many more! These topics are discussed through a variety of fun experiences during this disease detective camp, like mock press conferences, lab sessions and workshops, disease surveillance activities, and re-created outbreaks. You also get to meet guest speakers from all over the world, and experts in the field during this disease detective camp. And the best part? It’s all free with no prior experience required! All you need for this disease detective camp is a passion to learn new things 🙂

Financial: FREE! You just need to get there.

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