Program Length: Until a teen reaches 100 hours for the school year, 50 hours for the summer, or 120 hours for an internship

Location: Depends on the museum (Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, Carnegie Science Center, The Andy Warhol Museum)

Admissions Requirement: 
• Undergo a criminal record check
• For volunteering, be over 14 
• For internships: May need to have completed one year of college & have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or over

Admissions Deadline: August 1st for the school year and April 1st for the summer

Highlight: Are you a current high school or college student who loves museums and desires to work in one someday? Then the Carnegie Museums Internship Program is perfect for you! This volunteer opportunity allows high school students over 14 to be volunteers and college students to be interns. The requirements for this volunteer opportunity depend on the chosen volunteer/internship schedule. Summer teen volunteers must volunteer for at least 50 hours, school year teen volunteers must volunteer for at least 100 hours, and interns must complete 120 hours. In addition, everyone participating in this volunteer opportunity must undergo a criminal record check along with completing a few forms. Interns typically need to have completed 1 year of college and have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or over. There are multiple volunteer & internship opportunities such as working with animals/habitats, presenting at the Buhl Planetarium, being a STEMisphere intern, and more! The location of this volunteer opportunity varies based on the selected program. The museums are the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie Science Center, and The Andy Warhol Museum. Students selected for this volunteer opportunity are benefited with hands-on experience in a professional environment along with perks such as free admission to all 4 museums, a subscription to the Carnegie Magazine, along with many others. Still some questions? Shoot them an email with your queries at This volunteer opportunity accepts teen volunteer applications during April for the summer and August for the school year. Interns should send a letter of intent, a resume, and a letter of reference to Are you ready to dive into the worlds of science, art, or history with the Carnegie Museums? If so, start exploring the available opportunities and apply today!

Cost: Free!

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