Program Length: 7 months (in total)
Introductory workshops: October – November

Advance Workshops: January- February 

Teacher & Mentor Information Sessions on PicoCTF 2021 game: February

CanHack Challenge Launch Event & PicoCTF 2021 game live: March 2021

CanHack Cyber Expo Day + Awards Ceremony: April 2021

Location: Virtual for 2021

Admissions Req: To participate in this hacking competition, be enrolled in a Canadian high school, apply individually or with a team of no more than five students, and be registered by a teacher or adult supervisor.

Highlight: Have you ever wanted to show off your hacking skills (legally) in a competition and win cash while participating? Check out this cool hacking competition, CanHack! CanHack is a free online hacking competition created by high school students for high school students. If you are enrolled in a Canadian high school, talk to one of your teachers, or maybe even a tech inclined mentor outside of school, about helping you (and maybe some of your friends?) register for this hacking competition!  Choose to compete in a team of up to five, or hack-it solo, if you are more comfortable participating that way. Before the hacking competition begins, CanHack offers all participants workshops to help fine-tune their hacking skills! You will then engineer, hack, break, decrypt, solve, and work through over 60 digital challenges! The challenges in this hacking competition range over four levels of difficulty, but no experience or expertise is required to enter the competition! You will have the chance to win up to $2,000 for your team or up to $3,000 for your school during the hacking competition. In the end, you will walk away with the latest tech skills, have access to guides about coding, and have met cybersecurity experts from all across Canada!

Financial: Free


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