Program Length: N/A

Location: Virtual

Admissions Requirement: 

Must be under 18 years old

All films must be submitted by a teacher

All films must have a maximum duration of 8 minutes with credits included.

All music and images must be royalty-free and copyright-free, otherwise, the film will be disqualified. See the resources page.

Students may be advised by an adult, however, they must remain in charge of their film.

Admissions Deadline: Mid May

Do you have an interest in making films? Do you want to win prizes? Well, the Canadian Youth Film Festival is for you! The festival is for students who are aspiring to become filmmakers or who wish to show off their filmmaking talents. Participants in the festival must be under 18 and have a signed parental permission form. These films are only for homeschoolers or students enrolled  in a Canadian educational institution with videos needing to be submitted by a teacher.  There are three different age categories in English and French; students in primary school, students who are in 7th and 8th grade, and students from 9th grade to 12th grade. Within these different groups, there are also cash prizes that range from 50$ to 200$  for those who rank first and second place.

This festival also accepts films of all genres, such as fiction, reportage, documentary, animation, stop motion, and video clips. The film and its credits should not exceed eight minutes while the images and music in the film must be royalty-free and copyright-free. The video’s format should be a video file and be saved in 1080 pixel HD formatting. The video should not have a 4k format. If you are accepted as a winner for this festival, your project will be featured on the festival’s website. Overall, this  Canadian Youth Film Festival is the perfect opportunity for students to display their filmmaking talents and potentially win cash prizes. So what are you waiting for? Like the beginning of an exciting movie, begin your filmmaking journey  by participating in the Canadian Youth Film Festival.

Cost: Free

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