Program Length: 6 Hours for Teens, and Adults; 3 Hours for Kid’s Classes

Location: Various locations in communities across Canada

Admissions Req: Programs are set-up specifically around the demographics and needs of local communities across Canada and are designed to encourage appropriate participation for all ages and for all levels of inexperience and proficiency.

Highlight: In this technologically driven world, knowing how-to-code can be a HUGE asset! Canada Learning Code is an initiative aimed to equip and empower Canadians in every province and territory with the tools and digital skills they need to be comfortable both with using and creating technology. This is a programming class with options for everyone! They offer co-ed classes for younger students, as well as classes exclusively for girls as well as for more mature ladies out there. Whether you’re a teenager or a teacher, there’s a programming class designed to help you with what you want to do! And if you’re already a skilled coding ninja, they’ll give you the opportunity to volunteer and help out! A nice add to your application or resume for sure! The topic for each programming class varies. Choose from Animating, HTML, AI/Machine Learning, and many more. Different locations across Canada feature different programming class options more aligned with the specific community. Enter your location to see what’s offered near you :).  And get the ball rolling toward those never-would’ve-suspected- they’re-actually-achievable digital literacy goals!

Financial: Free for Kids, Teens, and Teachers.  $0-$55 for The Ladies Class with an option to “pay what you can” at registration.(Volunteering is of course free, too!)

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