Program Length: For Legal Interns, it looks to involve a 15-35 hour/week committment over the course of a trimester. Possibly similar for Event interns but it is not directly expressed.

Location: Most opportunities are in-person at the California Innocence Project’s office in San Diego

Admissions Requirement: This also varies based on opportunity, but the intern position gives preference to high school, college, law, and post-bar students. Other positions may require more experience. 

Admissions Deadline: The summer, fall and spring deadlines for the legal internship program opportunity are Early March, July and November respectively

Highlight: “Justice is the sum of all moral duty” Are you an aspiring attorney or up and coming investigator looking for some experience? The California Innocence Project law opportunity invites applications for several volunteering and internship positions in various domains of crime investigation and law. If you’re interested in forensics you can take part in the Expert Witness Program! If law is more up your alley, you could volunteer as an attorney as part of this law opportunity. For upcoming detectives you can take part in the investigators volunteering program. This law opportunity also has 2 unpaid internship programs. One is a legal internship program that takes place each trimester for students interested in criminal law in San Diego. There are no remote positions available so interns need to be able to attend the office in San Diego. The summer, fall and spring deadlines for this legal internship program are Early March, July and November respectively. The other is a fundraising internship program where interns assist in event management, database cleanups, research etc. Still have questions regarding this law opportunity? You can contact them here! So what are you waiting for? Apply now to this law opportunity and do your part to serve justice!

Cost: free, and the internships are unpaid.

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