Program Length: 4 weeks

Location: There are usually both virtual  and in-person components but Summer 2021 is totally virtual! (meaning location is no object)

Admissions Req: Must attend high school in US or be a US citizen and entering senior year.
This one is for the High School Junior Tech Aficionados …as they require some confirmation technical ability (things like test scores, recommendations, grades, etc)
Applications accepted March 1st-March 31st.
Applicant notified April 30th.
Online Program to be completed by June 15th.
Summer Program begins July 5th

There is also
INTRO  SPRING SATURDAY VERSION for 9th and 10th graders (also virtual) runs Saturdays, March 6- April 24th, 2021
(closed for 2021 but look for it next year!)

Highlight: Calling all STEM enthusiasts! If your curiosity for science, technology, engineering, and math is insatiable, apply to this free MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute stem program! Select an interesting course from a wide range of unique choices including a variety of autonomous vehicle and technology courses as well as ones exploring embedded security …. there is a focus on engineering and building autonomous systems this year!  Spend four weeks over the summer submerged in a combination of project-based learning /workshop-style courses in Serious Gaming with AI, Remote Sensing for Disaster ResponseQuantum SoftwareAutonomous Air  Vehicle Racing, Autonomous Race Car, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge, Build a CubeSat, and more! Work with MIT faculty, students, and researchers in this world class stem program for an intensive, and stimulating experience. Apply to this free stem program to feed your brain and fill your summer today!

Financial: …and, ofc…it’s free!

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