Program Length: Ongoing. There are monthly membership meetings. Beach clean up times depend on the club or chapter. There are also a variety of ways to be involved beyond the physical clean-up.  Check out each chapter to see other volunteer opportunities they offer.

Location: All along the Eastern/Western Coastal Regions of the US

Admissions Req: Have to be within a region that has a chapter, it doesn’t matter how far from the chapter you are located, as long as you are able to travel to the beach cleanup areas then you can take part. 

Admissions Deadline: You can join a club or chapter anytime.

Highlight: Are you worried about the future of our planet? Do you want to make a difference to the environment but don’t know where to begin? Are you also a beach lover or a concerned, passionate environmentalist? Well if you are, the Surf Riders Monthly Beach Clean-Ups would be a perfect start for you! With a range of locations or beach clean-ups across the Eastern and Western Coastal regions of the US coastline to choose from. all you have to do is find the nearest chapter/club to begin volunteering. Opportunities range from the beach clean-up planning team to being the person that carries out the beach clean-up; you could get involved at whatever stage is right for you! You also get to learn more about waste-related pollution from environmental experts and see the difference you can make in your community. Through this beach clean up, you can not only protect your beach but also protect your future. Jacques Cousteau once said that “water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends on, have become global garbage cans” so start saving our planet and volunteer for a beach clean up near you to stop our global oceans becoming the consequence of our poor decisions!

Cost: Free


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