Program Length: 1 week

Location: Global

Admissions Requirement: 

Must be between 15 – 35 Years old.

All nationalities are welcomed.

Able to adapt to a new environment easily.

Good writing skills.

Be ready to pay the application fee – $16 USD

Admissions Deadline: Early November

If you area are a young  adults (aged 15-35) looking to explore the world, the AFYN Culture Exchange Programs might be for you. Read on. The AFYN offers week long immersion programs to explore cultures across the world. Upcoming opportunities include programs in Japan, Korea, and Bali. While living abroad under the exchange program, participants will be able to gain valuable global perspectives and broaden their horizons. Participants will have a unique opportunity to create a network outside of their country which can help with their future career prospects. All interested can attend but students can apply for limited partially-funded and fully-funded scholarships. Take a look around the programs and if any of them interests you, make sure to apply!

Cost: Fully Funded, Partially Funded and Self funded spots are available. Costs for programming do not generally cover airfare

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