Program Length:  8 weeks 

In-person at George Mason University

Note: Mentors will decide which format is best suited for the intern 

Admissions Requirement:
Remote or in-person computer lab internships: 15 years or older
Wet lab internships: 16 years or older
Eligible candidates must not have graduated (or be graduating) from university before or during the internship

Application Deadline: February

Are you ready to turn your passion for science into real-world experience? Join the Aspiring Scientists Summer Internship Program (ASSIP) for an unforgettable 8-week journey. This full-time internship offers you the chance to gain hands-on experience using cutting-edge equipment and technologies, develop and exercise your scientific writing and communication skills, explore various STEM career paths through discussion forums and meetings with role models. ASSIP internships are available in fully remote, fully in-person, or hybrid formats, with mentors specifying the best fit for their projects. Eligible students include those aged 15 and older for remote and computer lab internships, and 16 and older for wet lab internships, with no upper age limit as long as applicants haven’t graduated from university before or during the internship. Please note that some research labs may be unavailable to non-US citizens. While the program may be able to arrange affordable dorm housing for students 18 and older, students must cover their housing costs.

Aspiring Scientists Summer Internship Program provides a unique opportunity to contribute to meaningful research that could be published in scientific journals or presented at conferences. Fields of study range from astronomy and proteomics to environmental science and cybersecurity, among many others. The program is free to join except for a $25 application fee, which can be waived based on financial need. Don’t miss your chance to engage in cutting-edge research and make a significant impact. Apply now and take the first step toward a future in STEM!


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