Program Length: At least four (4) consecutive weeks of volunteer service;

Location: Rosseau, Ontario

Admissions Requirement: 
Be a minimum of 18 years-of-age
Can be from anywhere in the world

Resume and cover letter should be submitted

Admissions Deadline: Open all year round

Highlight: Embrace the extraordinary volunteer opportunity to be a vital part of wildlife conservation either full-time or part-time. In the bustling spring and summer months, when the sanctuary sees a surge in animal admissions, 16 dedicated volunteers from around the world live at the Sanctuary for a minimum of four consecutive weeks with accommodations provided. For those looking for a short term volunteering, there are many opportunities with distinct roles and responsibilities that can be found here. This opportunity encompasses the profound journey of nurturing an orphaned animal, from their vulnerable infancy to their triumphant return to the wild, is an experience like no other. Witness the transformation from closed eyes to exploring the great outdoors. You are able to forge deep connections, not just with the animals but also with fellow volunteers, in the midst of long hours. The responsibilities for this volunteer opportunity include completing animal intakes and meticulously documenting vital information, ensuring the nourishment of animals spanning from infants to adults, maintaining meticulous health and feeding records for rehabilitating animals, and more which can be found on their website. The admission requirements for this volunteer opportunity include being 18 years old for both the part-time and full-time position and applicants must submit both a resume and a cover letter, but more information about application is found here. Applications are accepted throughout the year, so join Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in this volunteer opportunity making a positive impact on wildlife conservation and be a beacon of hope for our animal friends in need.

Cost: Full-time “Wildlife Animal Caregiver” roles are unpaid, volunteer positions. Shared accommodations are provided at no cost. Food expenses, however, are not included.

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