Program Length: 6-10 weeks depending on the apprenticeship

Location: Varies based on the apprenticeship, but will always be at either a university research lab or a U.S. Army Research Laboratory and Center

Admissions Requirement: 
• In grades 9, 10, 11, or 12
• Current high school student
• U.S citizen or permanent resident
• May have to be from an under-served group depending on the apprenticeship.
• After filling in your application details, the sites that you qualify for (depending on your age, location, etc) will be listed for you to choose from

Admissions Deadline: They do not seem to have a deadline

Highlight: Are you someone who loves STEM? Are you interested in hands-on experience with professional researchers? If so, consider joining the Army Educational Outreach Program! This STEM program will allow you to apply classroom skills to the real world, and have the added bonus of getting paid for the opportunity! You heard right – there’s a stipend. In this STEM program, you will be working on research that matters, stuff that specifically addresses some of the U.S.’s biggest challenges. Although there is no specific information on the research projects themselves, there is specific reference to the fact that different locations will work on different projects and that some projects may require a full-time work week. Which brings us to the point that these internships are for commuters (meaning you must live within driving distance). The good news is that there are tons of locations (and multiple openings) and once you apply they’ll let you know the nearest one to you 🙂 Additionally, through this STEM program you will connect with a network of fellow apprentices and mentors while dramatically boosting your STEM experience and skills which can for sure benefit your future in STEM. If you are interested and want to join a network of eager STEM enthusiasts, maybe consider this more peaceful way to join the Army now!

Cost: free, plus a STIPEND is provided!

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