Program Length: This chemistry internship runs for 8-10 weeks

Location: Chemistry internship can be virtual or IRL research branches around the U.S

Admissions Req: To take part in this paid chemistry internship you do have to meet certain financial guidelines. And you have to be a US High School student who has completed at least one high school chemistry course.

Highlight: Attention to all future chemists! We have a rare opportunity which is calling your name! Would you like to work in a lab to learn about career opportunities, chemistry research projects & college prep all while getting paid? Well then, ACS’s project seed program is where you should be. This chemistry internship is typically in person in one of the 350+ participating institutions in 40 different U.S states and territories– so you can hopefully find a branch near you! Due to Covid-19, this program has been online to be more accessible to more people. Typically, in a normal year, up to 350 students get to take part in this chemistry internship. During Covid, however, there’s up to 450 spots in the virtual program! This program is a summer paid chemistry internship in which students work with real scientists collecting real data on real experiments, and also receive mentorship that can help them get a better picture of, and prepare for ,a career in Chemistry research. This chemistry internship runs for 8-10 weeks and allows any U.S student whose family falls within certain financial guidelines to take part. Students participating in the ACS’ program are also eligible for $2500 – $5000 scholarships that can branch into their college education as well! To add to the benefits of this chemistry internship, it’s FREE and all you need is to have completed at least one course of high school chemistry. Grab your lab jackets and come apply to join our team of future chemists!

Financial: Free

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