Program Length: 6 Days

Location: 2024 location will be Austin, Texas, but JCamp’s location changes from year to year.

Admissions Requirement: 
– Students may apply from anywhere in the world
– JCamp is open to current high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, though they prioritize second and third-year students (sophomores and juniors).
– Just as a sidenote, J Camp welcomes all high school students irrespective of nationality or ethnicity. This inclusivity is fundamental to their program.

Admissions Deadline:  Although applications for JCamp typically open in late January and typically end in  late March, prospective candidates should consider applying early to ensure they don’t miss the deadline.

Highlight: If you’re a highschooler looking for a journalism program, the Asian American Journalists Association’s JCamp Program is the perfect experience that will transform the way you view journalism. This unique journalism program works to amplify underrepresented voices and promote diversity in newsrooms by emphasizing multiculturalism regarding race, socioeconomics, geography, religion, and sexual orientation. JCamp curriculum teaches students the core principles of journalism. In addition, the journalism program ensures that students will learn more about the importance of inclusivity, the fundamentals of leadership, and the employment of strong ethics in journalism practice. Most importantly, you will experience hands-on learning. With the JCAMP environment, you will have the opportunity to learn from veteran journalists and leading media executives. The curriculum of this journalism program also consists of interactive workshops, hands-on training and field trips that will allow you to get a taste of the real journalist experience. JCAMP is completely free of cost so don’t wait! Apply now and watch your stories become alive!

Cost: Free Program for all accepted participants. However, international students are responsible for their travel expenses and should possess valid government identification for travel.

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