Program Length: However long it takes you to prepare for and make your ninety-second video!

Location: Screenings happen all over the US!

Admissions Req: You can be from anywhere in the world but you must be under 18 years old! Individual or group (class, family, and friends) work is accepted and adult help is welcome.

Admissions Deadline: Last days of February

Highlight: Are you a fan of the Newbery award-winning books and do you fancy yourself as something of a storyteller? Then you might want to consider the 90-Second Newbery Festival! The title of this video contest basically explains the main idea. Contestants submit an approximately 90-second video about a Newbery book using dramatized movie production techniques. This video contest is not looking for a simple book report or someone just speaking to the camera about the book. They want creativity, new techniques, and everything else is up to you! Past contestants have submitted musicals, stop-motion videos, Minecraft videos, and more. The only restriction to this video contest is that contestants must be under 18, but they approve of help from adults, teachers, and parents. They’re also permitted to work individually, as a group, as a class, or any other arrangement. So what do you get if you’re selected as a winner of this Newbery video contest?  You get the opportunity to have your video featured on James Kennedy’s website, as well as see your film showcased in a city near you. Screenings happen all over the United States in order to be accessible to as many people as possible. What are you waiting for? Anyone around the world can apply to this video contest, so pick out your Newbery Award-winning book and start thinking about how to cram it into 90 seconds today creatively!

Cost: Free


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