Sponsoring Institution: One Earth Film Festival

Type: Film Contest

Eligibility: Filmmakers in grade three up to age 25 enrolled in a U.S.-based school, college, or university. All participating individuals must complete an oath and permission form.

Application Deadline: January 5, 2021 by 11:59 p.m.

Highlight: Lights, camera, environmentalism! Lights, camera, environmentalism! If you are interested in film and the environment, then the One Earth Young Filmmakers contest is for you! Young Filmmakers are encouraged to express their unique ideas in this film contest, and have the opportunity to win prize money and grants! Filmmakers are asked to address one of several environmental topics, including climate, transportation, or wildlife, and propose a solution to a problem related to their chosen topic in a short film between 3-8 minutes. This film contest has winners for animation or stop-motion too, if that’s more your style! Judges for this film contest seek engaging, informative, and creative films that showcase originality and knowledge. Winning films even get premiered at the One Earth Film Festival in March! Not only do you win scholarship money in this film contest, but you also can win a matching grant given to the nonprofit of your choice! Submit your film today!


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