Sponsoring Institution: Writer’s Digest

Type: Writing Competition

Eligibility: Must be 18 or over but you can be from anywhere in the world!

Application Deadline:
• Early bird deadline; May 6th
• Deadline; June 6th
• Extended deadline; June 20th

Note: winners are announced a bit later in the year — on the Nov/Dec issue of the magazine.

Highlight: Whether you’re an experienced author or completely new to the writing world, everyone needs to start somewhere to find their passion for writing! The Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition gives you just the place to do so. This writing competition not only features generous prizes, but the 500 winners (yes you read that right!) have the chance to get their work viewed by both editors and agents. The only requirement for this writing competition is that you must be 18 or older to participate in it, but otherwise, anyone can apply. There are three separate deadlines for this writing contest: the early bird deadline, the regular deadline, and the extended deadline. Submitting your work before the early bird deadline allows you to save $5 off the regular entry fee for both poetry ($25) and manuscript ($35) entries. Another way this writing competition encourages you to write even more is by taking another $5 off for each additional entry submitted. There are a variety of categories for you to submit to including non-rhyming poetry, playscript, children’s fiction, personal essay, and more! You might be wondering what you could win from this thrilling writing competition? Well, the grand prize winner will be awarded $5000, a published interview with Writer’s Digest, a paid trip to the Writer’s Digest annual conference, and more. Besides the grand prize winner, the first through fifth place winners are awarded cash prizes of $1000 to $50 for each of the 9 categories. Sixth to tenth place winners are awarded $25 gift cards to writersdigestshop.com along with additional prizes such as publishing opportunities. There are also hundreds of honorable mentions given out which grant the recipients 20% off purchases made at Writer’s Digest University, and the author’s name and title of their piece published on the Writer’s Digest website. If you have any more questions about this writing competition, feel free to email the organizers at writersdigestwritingcompetition@aimmedia.com. So, does the opportunity to be one of the 500 talented winning authors of this writing competition intrigue you? If so, crack open a notebook, start brainstorming your ideas, and submit your writing!

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