Type: English competition

• Anyone ages 13-18 is available to sign up

Application Deadline: December 6

Highlight: Every month, Write the World holds an amazing opportunity to win cash prizes, along with being featured on their blog. The topic of writing changes every month, but the formula to submit and potentially win cash prizes does not! Every month you will have the opportunity to research, submit a rough draft, and receive feedback on the draft.. giving you lots of great chances to explore different genres, hone your writing skills, develop ways to offer and receive useful feedback, and ofc better your chances of winning the cash prizes! Anyone from 13 to 18 years old can join, but make sure to follow a handful of guidelines — most notably that your writing can not be hurtful or discriminatory, plagiarized, violent, or have any external links besides citation purposes. In addition to responding to the monthly prompt, you can also provide peer review comments to other writers’ submissions, allowing for collaborations that can only improve writing for both the reviewer and the author, as well as, for another chance to win a prize!! The judging committee selects the monthly award winners. The winning writer of the month will receive a cash prize of $100, while the runner-up and best peer reviewer will each receive $50. While cash prizes are a nice extra, the variety and frequency of writing options  should be more than enough incentive to get those thoughts churning and fingers typing… so go on and apply!

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