Sponsoring Institution: Constituting America

Type: 5 types in one contest!

  • Essay Contest
  • Song Contest
  • STEM Contest
  • PSA Contest
  • Short film Contest

Eligibility: The high school “We The Future” Contest is open to US citizens or legal resident students attending US high school (grades 9-12) who are 14-19 years old.

Application Deadline: September 17, 2021

Highlight:  We, the Future of the United States, in order to explain the first amendment, use our creativity, conduct surveys, create original music, show off our STEM skills, and win grants for our education and our success, can take interest and look into this Constitutional Scholarship. Since there are five areas, including STEM, writing an essay, creating a PSA, making a short film, and producing a song, in the Constitutional scholarship, students with vast interests and skill sets can participate in an attempt to win the prize money allocated to each subject area.The Constitutional Scholarship allows entry to all U.S. citizens or legal residents currently enrolled in high school. For all areas of entry, the Constitutional scholarship closes in mid September, so stay wary of the deadline. Additionally, all areas of entry in the Constitutional Scholarship guarantee exposure via the Constituting America website and allow participants to have a public appearance, possibly even in television. Each area of entry in the Constitutional scholarship has its own set of requirements and awards explained briefly above. There is the traditional essay option for aspiring Stephen King’s. For future Taylor Swift’s, there is a fantastic song writing option. For those interested in videography the Constitutional Scholarship has the options of a short film or PSA. To add on to the excitement, those interested in the musical or videography options may work in pairs! Finally, there is a STEM option for those interested in creating surveys or mobile apps. If you have any further questions about the Constitutional scholarship, feel free to contact the organizers at constitutingamerica@yahoo.com. Get to work on constituting your future via the Constitutional Scholarship and don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to leave your footprint just like the founding fathers of the United States. 

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