Sponsoring Institution: Walgreens Community Task Force

Type: Spoken and written word or multimedia art contest

Eligibility: This art contest is open to all legal United States residents between 13 and 18 years of age and currently enrolled in high school, professional artists, videographers, photographers and writers, or anyone who earns at least 20% of their income by providing these services are not eligible. Employees of Walgreen, also… not eligible

Application Deadline: Late March… Contest is open for submissions from mid-Jan

Highlight: Ever think about the hurdles in life and how they help shape who you are? Well there is now a scholarship that takes the form of an art contest. This art contest allows for self expression, highlighting the many hurdles that are present in all people! Draw inspiration from what is going on around you in order to win cash prizes. Creative mediums that can be used include: spoken words, visual arts, or media arts. Prizes range from $2,000 for first place, to $1,750 for second, and $1,500 for third, for this art contest. These prizes are awarded in each of the 3 categories. Everyone in each category also qualifies for the $1,000 people’s choice award for that category – meaning one prize will be awarded in each category of the art contest. Remember that self expression is important, as everyone is unique and deserves to be heard. Feel free to look up past winners and their works of self expression to spark your imagination! Anyone in the US is free to join, and there are a variety of formats to upload your personal work for this art contest! Read more about the various rules on their website. Get ready to find your voice, share your story, and dazzle the world with this unique art contest!

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