Sponsoring Institution: Alias

Type: Creative Contest

Participants must be at least 18 years old.

All entries must be the original work of the Participant(s).

Entries must not contain illegal, obscene, indecent, defamatory content, or content that incites racial or ethnic hatred or violates privacy rights, or is otherwise objectionable.

Work created as part of paid employment is not eligible.

The use of AI-generated elements is strictly prohibited in submissions.

Participants are required to strictly adhere to all software licensing agreements and copyright laws during the creation of their submissions. Participants must comply with all applicable software regulations during the submission creation process. Failure to adhere may result in disqualification.

Submissions must adhere to the provided technical specifications and themes set out within the sections for each category on the main contest page.

Multiple submissions are allowed, but each must be unique and meet all Contest requirements.

Scenes have a strict upper limit of 8 entries per Participant.

Application Deadline:
Early April

Are you a visionary, artist, or tech enthusiast wanting to create a unique digital space? If so, join the Virtual World Builders Contest and showcase your virtual artistry! Showcase your talent in the contest to celebrate both yours and other incredible artists in the vibrant digital space. With a prize pool of $3,000 USD across three categories, VRM Avatars, Scenes, and Character Design, it’s your chance to shine. There are no theme restrictions for any of the categories, so if you are inspired by anything be sure to submit it, making sure it follows the contest guidelines. These guidelines are very strict so be sure to check them out before you submit any new work or existing work in order to make sure that your submission is received. Furthermore, your work will be judged by industry experts and the Alias community; winners will be featured on the Alias marketplace upon launch. Don’t miss out, submissions close annually in early April.


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