Sponsoring Institution: VANS, Yoobi, Scholarship America

Type: Shoe customization competition

250 public or private high schools in the United States and District of Columbia are approved to enter annually
High schools must register with Vans, LLC, and have their registration approved by VF Outdoor,
High school cannot have won a grand prize in the last five years or a finalist prize in the last year,
Parent home schools aren’t eligible but after-school programs affiliated with high schools are

Application Deadline: Mid May

Highlight: Do you love Vans? Well I love Vans, and now I love them even more because of their Vans culture competition! The Vans culture competition is a shoe customization competition where the grand prize winner gets $50,000 (USD) and the four runner ups each get $15,000(USD). You might think the prize money is the best part, but your team gets 2 free pairs of vans to design before even winning anything! This shoe customization competition is open to all public or private high schools in the United States and District of Columbia.Note that there are particular requirements for school affiliation for each student group that applies and if you have already won a prize, you can’t compete again for certain periods of time. For more rules, read the competition rules. This shoe customization competition picks 250 schools overall. This shoe customization competition allows identified students in your school group to design a pair of shoes for a theme set to reflect real life issues (for example one year was Hometown Pride). Here are some digital design templates for some inspo! Your school then submits images of their students’ final designs (on the Vans!) along with an impact document stating how your school will be impacted by the winnings. This shoe customization competition deadline is in mid May and they accept applications from January to May. If you have further questions on this shoe customization competition check the FAQs. So if I were you I would start contacting my school and making it clear that it pays to be a fan of Vans!

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