Sponsoring Institution: Valour Canada

Type: History and Heritage Scholarship

• Must be a Canadian high school senior applying to a post secondary institution

Application Deadline: Mid June

Highlight: The military history of Canada is rich with incredible stories and memorable events. With the Valour Canada Scholarship, you have the chance to win $1500 by creating a video that educates Canadians about our country’s military history. To enter this history scholarship contest, you must be a Canadian citizen under 20 years old, and you cannot have already moved on to your postsecondary education institution.

In order to apply to this particular history scholarship, you must submit a one to two paragraph explaining why you chose to apply and the previously mentioned 4-6 minute YouTube video. This year’s question revolves around visiting a local Canadian memorial or important military place, and analyzing its historical importance along with its relevance to Canadians today.

As mentioned above, the first-place winner gets $1500, but the runner up also gets $500. Previous winners can be found on the website, along with links to their winning videos.

So, what are you waiting for? Go visit one of Canada’s many historical monuments and let the past more personally impact your present and future!

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