Sponsoring Institution: Unima-USA

Type: Scholarship for anyone who can demonstrate a serious interest and passion for puppetry. 

Eligibility: Applicants to this puppetry scholarship must be over 18 and citizens or permanent residents of the United States, must be current members of UNIMA-USA, and must be able to demonstrate some performance, professional, and/or academic experience showing an interest in puppetry.

Application Deadline: Mid-December 

Highlight: If you’re an American puppetry enthusiast and are in need of some funds, then this wonderfully niche scholarship is for you! Unima-USA is offering a $1,000 puppetry scholarship to a talented individual to further their career in the field and help apply to worldwide programs! If you win this puppetry scholarship, you and your favorite marionette will be granted funds to hone your skills at world renowned puppetry institutes and festivals across the globe! All you need to do to apply to this puppetry scholarship is provide 3 letters of recommendation from some master puppeteers that you have previously worked with, 5 images of your work, and answer a few short essay questions! If you’re an aspiring professional puppet master, then apply to this puppetry scholarship now!



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