Sponsoring Institution: Uncommon Goods

Type: Art scholarship

Eligibility: An uncommon art scholarship for University and graduate students within the U.S. (applicants can be domestic, international, or undocumented) attending an accredited institution who are able to show their unique creativity within their major. Students attending online universities are also welcome to apply!

Application Deadline: Applications for this spring art scholarship open September 1st and close December 15th. 

Highlight: Got art? If you’re enrolled in an art or design program, it’s likely you already have some practice with using your uncommon talent for creating uncommon things! Great news: Uncommon Goods is creating an uncommon opportunity for you to capitalize on your uncommon creations! They’re offering an art scholarship award of a cool grand (yep, $1,000) just for showcasing your (possibly already well-documented??) uncommon creativity! Simply submit photos of 3 pieces of your work and a short blurb (fewer than 6 sentences) about why you do what you do and where you see yourself in the future. Then, just press submit! Check out the Uncommon Goods Art Scholarship and some of the past award winners; it’s an uncommonly easy way to use the uncommon stuff you commonly produce!


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