Sponsoring Institution: The University Network (TUN)

Type: Volunteerism Awareness Scholarship

Eligibility: Current college students or high school seniors, attending school in the United States

Application Deadline: December 31st

Highlight: You don’t have to have superpowers in order to be a hero. The TUN Volunteerism Scholarship encourages its applicants to raise awareness on volunteering for a chance at just over $5000 ($5088 to be exact). Besides having volunteered somewhere, all you need to do to apply for this volunteerism scholarship is basically document your experience to share in your medium of choice! You can create a video, design an infographic, or write an essay on your volunteering experience for a specific organization. Whether you want to talk about the cause behind it, or the lessons you learned from volunteering, write with the mindset of wanting to inspire others to take action as well. Then you just need to post what you have created to the platforms mentioned here, tagging of course the relevant organization involved in your experience — which they will definitely appreciate! Finally, email the link to GlobalGoals@TUN.com. The application deadline for this volunteerism scholarship is late December and the winners will be announced in late January. So what are you waiting for? The time is always now to help raise awareness on awesome volunteering opportunities by sharing your impactful story

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