American Psychology Association (APA)

Sponsoring Institution: APA: American Psychology Association

Type: psychology essay competition

• You will need a parent permission form if you are under 18
• No more than five (5) entries per school — entries will need to be screened by teachers beforehand
• Teacher name or email is requested (but not mandatory) as a point of contact, if appropriate

Application Deadline: Late March

Highlight: Are you a student currently taking psychology or have taken it before? Are you passionate about psychology and in need of some cash? Lucky for you, the APA (American Psychology Association) hosts the TOPPS competition for high school psychology students annually. To apply to this psychology essay competition, you must have a teacher name and email (just to act as a point of contact if needed). Note that this psychology essay competition encourages students to have a teacher read and approve of their submission before submitting it online… but also note that this is encouraged and not required. The topics of this psychology essay competition revolve around the role of psychology in addressing societal systemic problems, with focus on the societal impact and application of psychology concepts. There are 5 points that you will be asked to consider in your response. The essay must be no more than 1,500 words in length and the abstract can be no less than 120 words and no more than 250 words (note that the cover page, abstract, and references do not count towards the word limit). Participants must also cite at least 2 peer reviewed journal articles in the essay. Check out the  Check out our Research and Writing Tools for U  for some great database options for research support articles! If you are not working with the rest of your class (phew!) since this psychology essay competition ONLY TAKES 5 essays per school. For some inspo, you can look at previous winners on this page.  Note that the submission deadline is the last day of March. Take advantage of this rather rare psychology contest (at least in our research experience so far!)  and get yourself some mighty interesting  application and resume building material…Plus, it’s the only way you stand a chance of being one of the 3 winners — that each get $300 (USD)! So what are you waiting for? Don’t overthink your analyzing strength for the contest!

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