Sponsoring Institution: Toby Merrill Scholarship Fund

Type: college scholarship for financial need or familial/personal illness

Eligibility: Academic Performance in high school, requiring a minimum of grade point average (GPA) of 2.5
A letter of recommendation that speaks to your character and leadership in your school or community. The letter can be from a counselor, teacher, coach, mentor, or boss.
Elected positions of leadership or awards received for community involvement
Financial need based on household income or deceased, ill parents/guardians
Personal interviews
Must be a U.S high school senior

Application Deadline: May 1st

Highlight: Are you a U.S. high school senior proud of your achievements and eager to display your academic achievements, leadership, and community involvement? Then, The Toby Merrill Scholarship could be for you. Toby Merrill passed away from Gastric Cancer in 2016, and this college scholarship was created to change the lives of children and make a difference through education. If you need help reaching your full potential through further education due to financial need and parental or personal illness, this college scholarship is there to help. By excelling in academics, athletics, leadership and demonstrating kindness and strength during times of adversity, you are eligible to apply to this college scholarship by just completing a short application and two essays. If you or a family member have struggled with cancer, know that you are not alone and this college scholarship is an available resource for you — just apply by May.  So, reflect on your achievements, be proud of what you have overcome, and use this opportunity to put yourself in a position to potentially win a $9700 four year renewable college scholarship.

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