Sponsoring Institution:

Type: Essay contest

Eligibility: High School, College, or University students anywhere in the world (institution does not matter) are eligible to enter this essay contest.

Application Deadline: Each year the essay contest is open from June 1st – May 31 (annually). The winner will be notified through email and posted on page. The winner is announced on June 20th and receives the prize on June 30th.

Highlight: What does a knife and a scholarship have in common? They are both weapons that provide security and help you in life! An essay contest without boundaries, the Tactical Knives Scholarship is perfect for knife-loving and education-caring high school or college students in any country! Tactical Knives is a 5 year-old blog dedicated to reviewing various knives and helping students along the way! Each applicant should write an essay (1500-2000 words) on a topic of Tactical Knives choice (please email for topic). Please send your final essay to with the subject of: “The Completed Essay.” Feel like your first essay was not as great? That’s okay! Applicants of this essay contest can submit a maximum of 2 essays. Take a shot and increase your chances! Just make sure to email again for another essay topic. You can take part in this essay contest anytime you want. Since the essay contest is open all year, you can always re-enter. Just make sure you meet the eligibility requirements!

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