Sponsoring Institution: Project Paradigm

Type: Competition

Eligibility: Youth ages 4-18 from anywhere in the world, excluding U.S. sanctioned countries and Project Paradigm employees and their relatives. Entrants can be individuals or teams of any size.

Application Deadline: The competition opens every May and ends May 1st the following year.

Highlight: Are you an innovator, a game changer, or someone with a deep passion for making the world a better place? The Paradigm Challenge provides you the opportunity to do so! To begin, choose a problem from a selection of “Challenge Projects,” topics ranging from health to biodiversity, and either with a team or by yourself, develop a helpful idea using kindness, collaboration, and creativity. Entries for this competition can be as simple as a poster or as complex as an invention—there are no limitations! Once your idea is ready, visit the site and complete the entry form. Participants can submit multiple entries and even receive feedback on their ideas up to thirty days before the final deadline! Judges are looking for ideas that are efficient, feasible, innovative, well-presented, and collaborative. Besides winning a trip to Los Angeles and tickets to fun places like Disneyland, winning teams may receive support from Project Paradigm to develop and implement their ideas! Talk about the paradigm contest!

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