Sponsoring Institution: The Christophers

Type: Video contest

Eligibility: College students in the US who must be enrolled in and attending undergraduate or graduate college classes, full or part-time

Application Deadline: January 16th

Highlight: Are you a current college student who is passionate about video making and want a chance to showcase how you believe your actions can make a difference in the world? Then the Christopher’s Video Contest is for you! The Christopher is a religiously affiliated scholarship that allows for all people to become empowered through their “God-given” purpose– in this case, as it is specifically showcased in film. Every person should have the chance to be able to display their ability, and with this chance, their ability to change the world. The Christopher’s video contest seeks to bring light to the world with unique and impactful videos from college students all across the United States. This annual video contest follows the theme of “One Person Can Make a Difference”. As long as you follow the prompt and keep your video under 5 minutes, everything else, such as shooting technique and genre, is completely up to you! Participants have the chance to win anywhere from $100 to $2000. If you’re lacking some inspiration, check out previous years’ first, second, and third place winners. Applications are due by January and you would be notified if you win by May. Apply and show how your unique voice touches the world through this creatively driven video contest!

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