Sponsoring Institution: Toyota and The Discovery Channel

Type: Video Scholarship

Eligibility: US Students who are at least 13 years old currently in 9th-12th grade are eligible for this Video Scholarship

Application Deadline: Submissions for video scholarship close in Late February. Judging in March. People’s choice voting in April. Winners announced in May

Highlight: The Discovery Channel has partnered with Toyota in an effort to make a difference in teen driving safety, and they’re offering a video scholarship to some teens to help them do it! Simply submit a video addressing the issue of reducing or eliminating distracted driving in 60 seconds or less! That’s right! You don’t have to be a film expert or create a major motion picture to win this thing; and in fact you probably have lots of practice making 60 sec videos already! Work alone or with up to 3 more of your friends! If you have some ideas and you want to make a difference,  this video scholarship is the real deal and possibly the perfect vehicle for showing off your creativity! Plus, the prize pool is insane! So get that phone out and take a chance if you have an interest. You don’t need a 1st place finish to make a difference publicly or financially. No grades or writing or income level or academic judgement involved — they even answer some questions and give you a checklist just to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything! Just a great opportunity to strut your stuff, win some money, and participate in a real world initiative with some top companies! C’mon…you already have the skills…have some fun and enter!

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