Sponsoring Institution: Digital Responsibility 

Type: Essay Contest

Eligibility: Applicants of this technology scholarship must be a high school or college student that is a U.S citizen/legal resident.

Application Deadline: By the end of January (annually)

Highlight: Technology is a part of everyone’s daily life, whether it is catching up on your Instagram feed, watching YouTube videos, or even completing homework during this pandemic! But can you imagine what a world without technology would be like? Would you spend more time with family, learn to appreciate nature, or be happier? With this technology scholarship, Digital Responsibility is looking to award $1000 to the student that wins them over by completing this sentence, “Instead of spending time with technology, I’d rather…”. Reflect on the impact of technology in your life, and maybe even reflect on new hobbies to implement into your life by answering this technology scholarship prompt. To enter this technology scholarship, all you need to do is finish the sentence! The clock is ticking!



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