Sponsoring Institution: National Museum of Education

Type: Invention contest

• Be a US Citizen
• Be within the age range of preK-college students

Application guidelines:
• Complete the submission form
• Complete the questions describing your idea
• Include labeled and coloured drawings

Application Deadline: None, this contest runs every month

Highlight: Do you always feel like there’s something lacking in your daily life? Is your brain bursting with ideas on new inventions? The Student Ideas for a Better America Contest provides students across the United States a creative outlet to submit their inventions/innovations for cash prizes! Teachers can use the contest as an opportunity to get their students involved, too! In fact, this invention contest features “The W.I.S.E award”, an invention award created in honour of Frances Williamson, a teacher of 25 years who inspired a generation of students. Students can choose to take part at any time as there is a contest every month! Those who choose to submit their ideas to this invention contest must demonstrate a creative use of a new or existing product that helps to solve a problem or issue of any kind. They are also encouraged to use their knowledge and imagination to bring unique ideas to their new product innovation. Students must be US Citizens and can be any age from PreK to College for this invention contest. Applicants must also complete questions regarding their proposed idea and attach a labeled diagram of their product when applying for this invention contest. There are 3 divisions, preK to grade 3, grade 4 to grade 8, and grade 9 to college students, and you can compete multiple times at any age! With no deadline, students can reapply monthly for the chance to win $100 (in each division) and be eligible to apply for the National Gallery of America’s Young Inventors. If you’re stuck on what to make for this invention contest, organizers provide a challenge list to help you get started, or, feel free to have a look at their past winners. So, if you have a unique idea for a product, check out the FAQs, get your creative gears turning, and apply today

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