Sponsoring Institution: C-Span

Type: Documentary competition

• Enrolled in middle or high school in the United States
• Can be public, private, or home school
• Compete solo or in a team of  up to 3 members

Highlight: Do you ponder the important problems that influence your community? Maybe you have brainstormed with others and together have something to say. If this sounds like you, then look no further than the Student Cam Video Documentary Competition. This documentary competition is an annual event which prods students are  to think critically about a issue affecting  our society. They will then create a short 5-6 minutes video documentary addressing said issue. It probably goes withoiut saying that it’s super important to research your topic carefully and interview experts to get the best possible answer and video for this documentary competition. Check out past winners to see sample topics and model videos for this documentary competition! If your video manages to make it into the top 150, you can receive a cash prize! Even if you don’t happen to win any prizes in this documentary competition, you can still gain tremendous knowledge and experience, expand your network, and definitely improve your awareness of your community. Still have some questions? Check out the FAQs. Truth be told, this documentary contest is a total win-win… So apply yourself and apply here!

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