Sponsoring Institution: Duck Brand Duct Tape

Type: Design Contest

Eligibility: High school students, who are older than 14,  from either Canada or the United States can submit an entry for this design contest.

Application Deadline: Mid June

Highlight: Do you enjoy designing and creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing and are at a loss for what to design next? Perhaps you happen to have a stash of duct tape and have no clue what to do with it. The Stuck at Prom design contest from Duck Brand allows high school students from the US and Canada to have there go at creating a prom dress or tuxedo completely out of Duck Brand duct tape. Stuck for inspiration??? Check out some of the past winning designs! Make sure you are stocked up with duct tape as this design contest won’t provide any for you. And if you are stuck for inspiration, check out some of the past winning designs! The application process is quite simple for this design contest as you just have to create your prom outfit and submit a short video or written essay that documents your design journey. This design contest offers the winners of each category $10,000 and the eight runner-ups $500. Be sure to have submitted by the deadline of this design contest and find out if you’ve won by mid July.  So designers, are you ready for this challenge of creating something unique out of colourful and sticky duct tape?

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