Sponsoring Institution: Water Environment Federation

Type: International Competition

Eligibility: This international competition requires students to be age 15 and above
Grade 9-12 AND You need to have conducted a water-research science project

Application Deadline: Applications for this International competition are due in December… but you need to have a water project first, so that can start anytime!

Highlight: Are you a science fanatic looking for a new opportunity that is exciting and challenging at the same time? Then lucky for you, you have landed the right spot! The Stockholm Junior Water Prize is a yearly international competition held by the Water Environment Federation. This international competition project is aimed at fostering projects around improving water quality, water resource management, and wastewater treatment, and ,through that, improve overall quality of life.. Targeted to resolve specific global water issues, this international competition consists of four levels: regional, state, national, and international. Each year, students with water research projects from cities and communities around the world compete to be chosen locally, regionally, and then nationally for the chance to advance and represent their county at the SJWP international competition, held in Stockholm, Sweden.  There are very clear requirements set out for both the project and the paper, and there is always a spot to submit questions you have about any areas of confusion. So, take this opportunity to investigate water and flow right into  international competition. You just have to be a student in grades 9-12 who has already conducted a water-research science project! Start thinking of one now if you don’t already have one! Applications for all projects are submitted in December, but projects can begin anytime…so, water you waiting for?

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