Sponsoring Institution: World Photography Organisation

Type: Photography Contest

Eligibility: Anyone aged 12-19 internationally

Application Deadline: End of each month. Winners are selected monthly. Monthly winners get global press exposure and promoted on WPO website… Annual winner selected in April who receives a certificate, a trophy, digital imaging equipment,…and more

Highlight: Calling all young photographers to the scene. Whether you shoot weddings, dogs, or even park benches, this themed contest may be something you would like to look into! The Sony World Photography Contest offers a monthly opportunity for young photographers (ages 12-19) to submit up to 3 images focussing on a particular theme.  Each month is different! So, whether you’re just starting out, or whether you have been doing this for a few years, this contest offers you a unique chance to expand your experience and repertoire to submit work on a multitude of subjects and in various styles. Monthly winners are given global exposure on the World Photography Organisation website and to their online community. Keep on trying and submitting though,… because the grand prize winner is selected in April and gets a certificate, trophy, and (best of all!) some Sony digital imaging equipment. So whether you’re into landscapes, portraiture, or pop culture, check out this contest that gives young lensmen the ability to dive into their creativity and shine!

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