Sponsoring Institution: Coa Mix

Type: Graphic Storytelling Contest

Manga loving individuals from around the world!

Application Deadline: Early December

Highlight:  Enter the captivating world of storytelling through visuals with the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® (SMA) – an exceptional manga competition dedicated to dialogue-free narratives. By focusing on the universal language of imagery, SMA invites creators of all ages from across the globe to connect and share their love for manga beyond language barriers. At SMA, the potential is boundless. This manga competition allows you to create a manga about any topic and any genre. Participants not only stand a chance to win cash prizes but also to embark on a journey toward a manga debut in Japan. The most exceptional talents identified by manga legends might even have the opportunity to debut in Japan through exclusive initiatives like MasterClass and Artists Village Aso 096k projects. Top-ranking entries can earn an invitation to the SMA MasterClass, where a dedicated team of editors will nurture your skills for a potential debut through a series of exclusive opportunities. Entries are primarily evaluated based on the “ability of the creator to weave a compelling narrative within a limited number of pages.” Your story should spark the reader’s imagination and deliver a message while evoking emotions. SMA Judges analyze each entry’s “message and its impact on the reader within a concise page count.” There’s no confinement to your creativity; let your originality shine, perfectly capturing the theme. The maximum page count for a single SMA entry is 17 pages (note that this may vary depending on the round, so always refer to the current round announcement page). There are many rules for this manga competition which can be found here, but the most important is that no dialogue is allowed. So, if you’re ready to embark on a visual storytelling adventure that transcends language, this manga competition is your platform. Compete now to win the top prize or to expand your horizons through manga.

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