Sponsoring Institution: Scholastic Awards

Type: Art & Writing Scholarships

Eligibility: Students from the United States in grades 7-12.

Application Deadline: Depending on your region the deadline will change, but it’s usually in early December.

Highlight: Are you known to create art resembling that of Picasso or DaVinci? Do you enjoy expressing yourself via writing? If so, the Art and Writing Awards sponsored by Scholastic might be perfect for you. With submissions most often due in December, these creativity contests allows you to create art and write in over 25 different categories, like ceramics, editorial cartoon, photography, jewelry, and dramatic scripts. These creativity contests have a rich and long history, beginning in 1923 with many notable winners. like Richard Linklater, Stephen King, Robert Redford, and Sylvia Plath! Selected artists and writers in all categories get a chance to showcase their work in regional, national, and travelling exhibitions, as well as in publications by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers! And national medalists can potentially win scholarships of up to $10,000! With so many creative options to choose from, there is sure to be something that is just right for you!  Be inspired to inspire and make sure to check out submitting your work today!

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