Sponsoring Institution: SBB Research Group

Type: Essay STEM Scholarship

Eligibility:Full-time college and graduate students pursuing STEM

Application Deadline: May 31st 2021 (Occurs quarterly)

Highlight: Hey! Are you interested in STEM? Well, now is yet another opportunity to shine! With this new and exciting STEM scholarship sponsored by the SBB Research Group. In this scholarship you can win up to $2500 towards your education! This STEM scholarship encourages and empowers students to pursue opportunities in the STEM fields and create real change in society. Full-time college or graduate students pursuing STEM are eligible for this STEM scholarship. As a part of this unique scholarship, applicants are required to write an essay with a maximum of 500 words, answering the question “What have been your most significant experiences in STEM and how will you use STEM principles to improve the world?”.  And don’t worry about missing the current application deadline. This scholarship is offered 4X/year and the winner is always announced shortly after the application deadline. So fire up your brains and reignite your passion for STEM to have a chance at winning 2500$ in the SBB Research Group STEM scholarship!


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