Sponsoring Institution: Samsung

Type: Technological Innovation Contest

Public and charter school teachers servicing students in grades 6-12 are eligible to enter. Keep in mind that only schools that are at least 50% publicly funded are allowed.

Application Deadline: Mid November

Highlight: Are you a student with a burning passion for STEM? Do you wish to put your skills to use to help your community? Then this is your chance! The Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is a $2 million national innovation contest for students from grades 6-12 attending public schools. All you need to do to enter this national innovation contest is fill in an application form with a set of short essay questions for the first round. One thing that sets this set of 7 solution and objective-driven essay questions apart, is that it is more of a collaborative response of students and their teacher. Then comes the video submissions, and pitching to a panel of judges. These videos will be 3 mins in length and will essentially demonstrate how your innovative solution can be applied to solve your community issue. Finalists of the national innovation contest will be announced after the video phase. Check out the Official Rules for more details. This national innovation contest encourages students to use out-of-the-box thinking to apply their knowledge in STEM to solve issues in their community. And, you will not only help build a better future for those around you with this national innovation contest, but also have the chance to win up to $100,000 in prizes for your school, which is also contributing to your community, and gain the opportunity to work with Samsung employees to develop your prototypes. In addition, there are also over 100 state finalists, 10 national finalists, and the grand prize will be given to 3 national winners. Moreover, the 3 national winners of this national innovation contest will also win a trip to Washington, DC, to meet their state representatives and discuss their projects and other issues in their communities. If you have any questions regarding this national innovation contest, head to this FAQ page, or reach out to solvefortomorrow@sea.samsung.com. Don’t miss this chance to learn about and introduce your teacher to this great opportunity. And just a quick reminder; the deadline of this national innovation contest falls in mid-November.

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