Sponsoring Institution: Queer Adventures

Type: Essay scholarship

• Identify as LGBTQ+
• Be over 18 years old

Highlight: People who identify as LGBTQ have seen their fair share of discrimination and hatred shown towards them. Based on their own beliefs and opinions many individuals have discriminated against LGBTQ community participation or attendance at outdoor events. The Queer Adventurers LGBTQ Writing Contest is a contest for queer people. it is sponsored by the Queer Adventures Travel Blog. In this writing contest, people must write a 1500 word essay that relates to yearly writing contest theme. In 2022, the theme of the writing contest was “Shelter” it could be shelter in the outdoors/shelter to find safety/ or shelter in an emotionally turbulent time.  Submissions open from the beginning of October and end in the middle of December. Contestants must submit their essays on the Google Form via Google Docs. It’s free to sign up, and the winner and runner-up will each receive $150 and $50, along with publication of their essays on Queer Adventurers. This is a golden opportunity for LGBTQ+ writers to share your voice and your thoughts.  Sign up and make them heard!

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