Sponsoring Institution: EarthX Youth and Creative Visions

Type: Environmental Film Contest

Eligibility: Anyone between the age of 10 to 22

Application Deadline: Mid-March

Highlight: Do you have a passion for art and film? Are you looking to put your talents into good use and recognition? And do you care about planet Earth? Let us introduce you to the Planet 911 Youth Film Challenge sponsored by the Redford Centre stories. It’s an environmental film contest available for students between the ages of 10 and 22 to showcase their skills to tell a story about climate change. There are two section challenges for different age groups in this environmental film contest. Ages 10-14 have the opportunity to sign up for the Environmental Justice Challenge whereas ages 13-22 have the eligibility to sign up for the Planet 911 Spring Planet Stewardship Challenge. Both of these challenges in this environmental film contest require applicants to share their own story and ideas in a film of 50 seconds or less to explain how we can better combat the growing crisis of climate change. This environmental film contest has more than 12 awards plus bonus honourable mention awards! Cash prizes ranging from $250 to $1500 up to a total pool of $7,500. On the main website of this environmental film contest you can find a variety of helpful materials to help guide you to making the best film you can! They offer a tool kit, tips for filming, the rules rubric, and even past films you can view to get a glimpse of what this environmental film contest is like. The application runs from January to March, with voting taking place from late March to early April by the people, meaning your friends and family can vote for you too if you make the top 25 selected! Who wouldn’t want to make a film contributing to the beauty of planet earth over writing long essays? This is a must-snag opportunity as it’s both exciting, appropriate, and rewarding for all participants!

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