Sponsoring Institution: Opterus

Type: STEM and Arts educational scholarship awards with an essay component

Eligibility: 16-28 year old females pursuing an education in STEM or Arts at a Canadian university/college eligible for these educational scholarship awards

Application Deadline: End of June… Prizes are awarded in mid-August.

Highlight: To honour her mother (Helen Killigan) and sister (Valerie Hawkins), Opterus founder Janet Hawkins  created two educational scholarship awards to be given to young women who are passionate about pursuing a career in either a STEM or an Arts field. Each educational scholarship award is inspired by an extraordinary woman; Dr. Killigan was a groundbreaking doctor, professor, and author working extensively in both NL and ON, and Valerie Hawkins was an award winning actor and director whose work ranged from local Atlantic Province productions to North American tours and even extending to both Off-Broadway and Broadway. These awards were established to provide young women, who might be kindred spirits to Dr. Killigan or Valerie Hawkins, an opportunity to launch their career. It’s all pretty straightforward: fill out an application form,  write an essay (1000-word max) on why you are pursuing the program you’re pursuing… oh, but there is a bit of a twist with these educational scholarship awards… In keeping consistent with the title (Rebel With A Cause), you will be asked to write about a time you achieved something by NOT following the rules! How fun is that?!!! How good is your best breaking the rules story??!! Give it a go! Throw it on out there — Just remember that you do have to follow the rules to enter!

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