Sponsoring Institution: OppU

Type: Short Essay Scholarship


  • Full-time high school or full/ part time in higher education
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0

Application Deadline: The short essay takes place 4 times a year- Sep30, Dec31, Mar31 &  Jun30

Highlight: Words blossom from the tip of your pen and flow out to create a universe as magical as Neverland. Sentences emerge from your head and present themselves as the thread needed to create Cinderella’s gown. If so, then this short essay scholarship might be the perfect match for you. This short scholarship essay allows you to explain why you are an achiever in 500 words or less in order to win a $2,500 grant. Moreover, If you already consider yourself a high achiever, then a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 will probably not get in your way — so definitely consider throwing your entry into this short essay scholarship. It’s open to both high school students and full or part-time higher education seekers. With 4 annual opportunities to participate in the scholarship, do not stress if you miss the next upcoming deadline — there will be more!  And if you’re not quite certain of your plans?? — no worries! winnings go to current OR future education costs. So…if you need a little inspiration to get out of writer’s block, check out some previous examples.  If not,  just grab your pen, computer, or perhaps your typewriter and get to work on this tailor-made opportunity.


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